Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Training Needs Analysis has good merit in training and instructional design, but is a service that has been over-promised and under-delivered.

There are three elements to good TNA:

• Good question design
• Effective delivery of survey
• Informative analysis of survey result

We can help you develop a TNA master plan that ties in with your organisation's overall strategic aim

Following that we can develop and deploy a department/area/firm wide TNA survey in the safest possible environment for your staff - online!

We have built an online TNA engine to achieve tangible benefits for you:

• Speedy execution of surveys across any part of your organisation
• No intrusion into the working day in your company
• No external consultants to be misunderstood by staff members
• No mixed management messages implied to your staff

After a survey is completed you have two choices:

1. Receive the survey results in a standard spreadsheet format for your own analysis
2. Ask us to conduct the analysis based on previously agreed industry benchmarks

Multi-buy discount

If you buy our testing and course-evaluation online packages at the same time you will be entitled to a discount

This is the sequence of surveys and tests we propose:
1. Training Needs Analysis
2. Pre-course testing
3. Post-course testing
4. Participant Evaluation