Training Experience

The firm delivers training to participants from all areas of banking, whether front, middle or back office. In addition, we train graduate entrants, private bankers, central bankers, as well as sales and service personnel from ancillary sectors

Front Office

Law Firms

We have trained foreign exchange, options and fixed income dealers. Foreign exchange dealers have passed the the Forex Diploma with distinction following our training. Swap dealers have had greater insight into long-term interest rate options and fixed income dealers have prepared to sell to new clients through our training.

Legal professionals, who supply services to the financial markets, have gained an overview of the markets to understand the importance and timimg of the role they fulfill

Middle Office

Information Technology

Market and credit risk staff have gained greater insight into modern risk management tecchniques. Internal audit, controllers and accounts staff have become familiar with new financial instruments, how they are priced, hedged and valued

Major IT suppliers have trained their financial services sales staff to better appreciate the market environment they sell to

Back Office


Settlements and operations staff have acheived a deeper insight into the operations and processing of derivatives and capital market instruments

Large audit firms have trained professionals in their financial services practices to understand the implications of instrument methodologies in order to perform better audits

Graduate Recruits


Graduates have acheived rapid familiarisation with financial markets in general and derivatives and capital markets in particular

Major consulting practices specialising in financial services have trained their professionals in new financial instruments and risk management methodologies

Private Bankers


Relationship managers, credit officers and accounting staff from private banks have gained a better understanding of derivatives in private client portfolios.

Financial services departments of major telecom companies have trained their sales staff to better understand the communications requirements of the financial markets.

Central Bankers

Regulatory officers from central banks have gained a better understanding of commercial and investment banks operations and in particular the use of derivatives in profit-making environments.