Our Name, Logo and Values


Our Name



We are a consulting company. We help companies and people develop their human capital.
Sometimes this means a review of processes, sometimes a review of knowledge inventory.
Many times it means structuring corporate programmes to support a major initiative.
We help you 'On the Road to Change'.


Does your human capital development spend bear resemblance to the results you are getting?
Is the outcome better, dollar-for-dollar, pound-for-pound, than that of your competitors?
What is the return on investment (ROI) in your human capital?
We have systems in place to help you deliver these questions in your organisation.
They are never easy to pose, nor to answer, but we help make the workload lighter!


Our Logo



No person is an island - humans thrive by working together.
Some people have more knowledge than others, some less - at any given moment in time - but can still work together and profitably leverage their combined skills.
Our cogs symbolize the systematic gains humans achieve by working together with a shared goal.
These are the modern times, not the Modern Times (1936)!


No matter your formal - or informal - educational background, we can help you leverage your existing skills and get you where you want to be.
The three basic colours are simple, strong. The entire spectrum of colours can be created using just these three!
In the same way, we can help you develop your basic skills and make them better, deeper, broader, stronger. To create exactly the colour you like! It's up to you!


Our Values



Courage and fortitude is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.
Courage is the exertion of grace under pressure.
We think courage is a leadership trait that can be acquired.


Continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure.
Insistence and persistent determination to adhere to a plan of direction.
Achieving great learning objectives requires perseverance.


Integrity has many facets and we value two of those in particular:
1) As a personal trait, integrity is the inner sense of 'wholeness' deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character, and
2) In science, integrity is embodied in the interconnect between hypothesis, analysis, method and proof.
A great learning experience requires both.


Simplicity and Unity. It's a Beautiful World!