Open Course Programme

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 Asset Management Courses (IM)
IM111 Introduction to Fund Management
IM112 Asset Allocation in Practice
IM211 Performance Measurement and Attribution
IM212 Portfolio Optimization Challenge

IT in Finance (IF) *COMING*
IF111 Financial Markets for IT Sales Executives

Capital Markets Courses (CM)
CM111 Debt Capital Markets
CM112 Money Market Products
CM211 Equity Capital Markets
CM212 Initial Public Offerings
CM213 Convertible Bonds
CM311 Introduction to Securitisation
CM313 Asset Backed Securities
CM314 Collateralised Debt Obligations

Corporate Banking Courses (CB)
CB111 Corporate Relationship Management
CB211 Lending and the Credit Decision
CB311 Introduction to Loan Products
CB411 Trade Finance Products
CB511 Guarantees, Bonds and other Surety Instruments

Corporate Finance Courses (CF)
CF111 Using Valuation Models
CF112 Setting Realistic Forecast Parameters
CF113 WACC and the Optimal Capital Structure
CF211 Instruments of Corporate Finance
CF311 Negotiating Pensions in Mergers and Acquisitions

Core Tools Courses (CT)
CT111 Applied Corporate Financial Analysis
CT112 Financial Modelling in Excel
CT113 Using Discounted Cash Flow Models
CT211 Introduction to Financial Math
CT311 Calculating Volatility
CT312 Using Option Pricing Models

Diploma Courses (DC)
DC211 ACI Diploma

Derivatives Courses (DR)
DR111 Intermediate Interest Rate Swaps
DR211 Introduction to Options
DR311 Introduction to Credit Derivatives
DR312 Intemediate Credit Derivatives
DR411 Practical Exotic Options
DR713 Option and Futures Trading Strategies

Insurance Courses (IN)
IN101 Fundamental Insurance Concepts

Courses for the Legal Profession (LG)
LG301 Credit Product Detox for Lawyers
LG302 Disputes in Derivative Contracts

Operations Courses (OP)
OP111 Securities Settlement
OP112 From Deal to Settlement
OP211 Introduction to SWIFT
OP212 Global Cash Clearing Systems
OP311 Introduction to Investment Operations
OP312 Global Custody
OP313 Corporate Actions

Risk Management Courses (RM)
RM111 Introduction to Risk Management
RM211 Basel II Capital Requirements
RM311 Modern Credit Risk Management
RM411 Understanding Option Greeks
RM511 Value-at-Risk

Wealth Management Courses (WM)
WM111 Introduction to Private Banking
WM211 Derivatives for Private Banking Clients
WM311 Explaining Performance Measurement to HNW Clients

Corsi in Italia / Courses in Italy (IT)