Online Testing

Course testing has proven too cumbersome in the paper-based world to be really effective.

Paper-based tests...

• take time to design
• are work-intensive to deliver and
• are time-consuming to score and analyse.

LearningMetrics offers an online service to all training service buyers and users where we conduct your tests online. Each tested participant is given a User ID and a password, so they can log in and take your test in a time-frame suitable for themselves.

If you want, you can even manage who is included in the test/survey pool yourself - online. If you wish you can provide your own questions to be used, or you can ask us to develop a question set suitable for your purpose.

We propose both a pre- and a post-course test, because the effectiveness of your course can then be measured more accurately. If the tests are accompanied by a training needs analysis prior to either test or course, you can combine the information gathered and analyse the effectiveness of your whole training curriculum to a level of insight not usually seen in the training industry.

You will receive all survey/test data in a standard spreadsheet format ready for your own analysis. You may alternatively wish to let us conduct the data analysis and provide you with a report high-lighting the most important findings.

We will help you identify a set of industry metrics which the test results can be compared to.

Multi-buy discount

• If you buy our TNA and course-evaluation online packages at the same time you will be entitled to a discount.

This is the sequence of surveys and tests we propose:

1. Training Needs Analysis
2. Pre-course testing
3. Post-course testing
4. Participant Evaluation