Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led training usually involves a single trainer, although it is sometimes desirable to use two or more trainers for specific courses.

When more than one trainer is involved, one always acts as course director, to ensure that the course curriculum is consolidated.

Some of the greatest benefits of instructor-led training are:

Flexibility: it can be adjusted to address specific concerns and/or participants
Interact with other participants and instructor
Variety of instructional techniques and learning activities can be used
Training can allow for more personalisation to needs of a small group

The instructor is the most important part of ILT. Before you pay for training, ask to see the instructor's resume and to speak to him or her.

We would be happy to set up interviews between you and our trainers.

A good trainer has equal parts technical and public-speaking expertise.

Communication skills are at the top of our list of requirements for trainers; someone who knows a lot but can't explain anything is just as ineffective as a great speaker who doesn't know anything.

If required, we can build a curriculum around a trainer, where multiple learning media are introduced (see Training Methods at this link), while always making sure the trainer is close at hand to offer participants assistance of a coaching/mentoring nature

Any client buying our instructor-led training services are entitled to free:

1. Online training needs analysis
2. Online pre-course testing
3. Online post-course testing
4. Online course evaluation